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Kids love parties mainly because they seem to enjoy the games played. Or maybe because they want to have fun while eating their favorite snacks. Munching on delish food items and slurping drinks has played a role in carrying out a successful party. Therefore, hosts try to add all that is possible to make them happy.

Certain elements are still taken into consideration while planning a party. First thing first, it is about the age group. Games for a five-year-old are mostly not liked by a teenager or even a ten-year-old. Likewise, we can’t seem to add games which are meant for adults in kids parties.

Secondly, games need to have certain items – all you may require to play a game. The best game, however, is with the least list of things you need for its execution. More items mean that you have to prepare for a messier after-party scene.

So, what we have prepared here in this article is a list of five minutes to win it games for kids that don’t require a lot. Let’s start off with cookie face and then hop onto other games which are related to stacking, sucking, and scooping.


It is fun to know people at parties. And in fact, one of the finest ways to interact with other kids is through playing such games. Cookie Face is one of such games which can be played at the start of the party. The magic or in other words aim of this game is to get kids familiar with each other.

You can design Cookie Face in several ways or versions. Here in this article, we are mentioning two of them. The first one is to allow everyone to plays at the same time. The second version is by breaking the very same game into several rounds and segments.

What will you need?

  • Cookies (one for each person)

How to play this game?

  • First of all, take a cookie and place it on the forehead.
  • The moderator sets an alarm for one minute.
  • Kids use their facial expressions to roll down cookie from forehead to their mouths.
  • All those who manage to bring it near the mouth and eat it under one minute wins the game.

This game sounds fun but quite difficult as well. There is no doubt about the strength of facial expressions. But what we know is it is really tough to win the game as kids are not allowed to use their hands. By the way, when we talk about variations, you can do a lot with the same game.

For example; making teams and adding points could be done. A whole new level can be introduced too – where kids’ hands are tied. Honestly speaking, tying hands of a five-year-old would not be recommended and is advised for little grown-up kids.


Scooping is the second game which can bring a lot of fun at a kid’s party. Scooping It Up is good for eye and hand coordination and is preferred for children under ten-year-olds. Again, like the previous game, this one can also be played in various forms – depending upon ages.

What will you need?

  • Spoons (one for each child)
  • Ping pongs (balls)
  • Bowls (two in quantity)

How to play it?

  • You have to determine the starting and finishing line.
  • Keep one bowl on one side and other on another, the finishing line.
  • Each child has to hold the spoon in his or her mouth.
  • They will place ping pong balls on the spoon.
  • Now, these kids will progress from the starting line towards the end line where another bowl will be kept.
  • Funny and challenging part is to reach another side within one minute.

Rules are included to make it more interesting. One of many could be to not use hands under any circumstance. In case of dropping ball from the spoon, you are not allowed to put it back on the spoon. Differences can be brought into the game by adding different items like boiled eggs or/and lemons. Also, you can make teams make it look more happening.


Sucking from straw is the main charm of this game. We can endorse this game for children between 5 and 12-year-olds. Again, like any other game, this one can also have different ways.

What will you need?

  • Straws (one for each child)
  • A bowl of candies that has a smaller dimension of straws (one full bowl of M&Ms or any other candy for everyone)
  • An empty bowl (one for each)

How to play it?

  • Bowl will be filled with candies or M&Ms.
  • Children will have one bowl for themselves.
  • The filled bowl will be kept at some distance from another one.
  • Children will hold straws in the mouth and run from one end to another.
  • Suck one candy and run towards their respective bowls.
  • Place it in the bowl and repeat the process for a minute.
  • In the end, a child with most candies will win.

Teaming and scoring can be added as a variation to this game. Adding a set of rules according to the age group can bring more fun. For example; tying left and a right of two children and making them run together and do the entire process could be best for ten-year-olds. However, the same rule cannot be advised for below ten-year-olds.


Stacking coins is not as easy as it may sound. Reason being you have to maintain balance and also have to have an idea as to how it could tower up. There are some customized rules to play this game. One of the main rules is to stack coins with the help of one hand and not both. Moreover, this game can create more fun when it is played among teams. Each team gets one minute to win it games.

What will you need?

  • 25 coins for one person each.

How to play it?

  • Take 25 coins for each player and keep it in a bowl.
  • Player will start stacking it on the surface for a minute.
  • If the player drops any coin, he is not allowed to pick the same coin. Instead, he or she has to pick another one from the bowl.
  • Players with most coins (collectively as teams) will win the game.

You can bring diversions in the game by making it more complex or easier. The difficulty level, however, depends on the age group of children, their preferences over coins with something else (maybe something more colorful like buttons of same size and design), and ways of evaluating winning point.

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