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20 Snow Day Activities for Toddlers

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We are waiting on a freezing blizzard to pass through our area- a huge storm like this with three toddlers means I have to be prepared with lots of things to do or we might all go insane.

I'm going to start brewing the coffee strong and early, but also keep in mind that on a snow day it is totally fine to start drinking wine at 4 o'clock instead of the universally accepted 5 o'clock. That just seems important to say before you get to the list below.

Here are a BUNCH of ideas for things to do on a long SNOW DAY- good luck to us all!

1. Build a huge pillow and blanket fort- read some books inside the fort.

2. Try this spring clay pot craft- I got the pots a few days ago in fear anticipation of this long snow day.

3. Fingerpaint- Are your toddlers picky about paint on their fingers? I cut a sponge into strips to use as a paint brush and they like that better than "finger" painting.

4. Make play dough

5. "Cook" by getting out pots and cups- let them play with real water in the pots. One of their super favorite things to do.

6. Make a collage- the adult cuts out pictures from magazines and the toddler chooses which pictures to glue on with their glue sticks- it's a great vocabulary activity- this is very popular at our house right now!

7. Color pictures to send to grandma and grandpa. Fold them up and put them in envelopes to mail.

8. Dance Party- turn up some tunes and get everybody moving. (Bonus points for popular songs from the 90's.)

9. Coffee filter colorful flowers- this is an entertaining and quick project! There are lots of easy ways to do this simple project- it's easy and fun.

10. A huge pack of colorful straws- categorize them by color or use them for counting games.

11. Use the same straws for motor skills- collect all straws in a container with a small opening or put through the holes of a colander.

12. It's a snow day, we're watching Frozen.

13. Family Photo Album- one of the twin's favorite activities is to sit with us and look through family pictures. They love naming all the family members. I printed out lots of pictures from my phone and put them in a little plastic photo book- it's one of their favorite things.

14. Ahhh... I bet the day is getting long now... we might have to take a bath for fun. Is that terrible?? What else do we do in a blizzard?? Fake swimming in the tub, lol.

15. Daniel Tiger, Daniel Tiger, Daniel Tiger

16. Make something super delicious to eat. Lots of snacks for the kiddos. Lots of things to "dip" as toddlers love to dip snacks! I know that on the snow day they will be eating: hummus and crackers, grapes, sweet potatoes, and probably PB and J sandwiches. There might be pancakes for breakfast. We need to carb load for all the shoveling and snow man building in our future.

17. SING! Our singing line up is: ABC's, Pat-a-Cake, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Old MacDonald, Los Pollitos Dicen, Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes, and If You're Happy and You Know It. Repeat. It's still snowing? Repeat again.

18. Have a picnic! Do you have as much plastic food as we do? They LOVE it when we set up their play table and "eat". Also, this is a great vocabulary and please/thank you teaching moment:-)

19. Animals/ Animal Noises- We have this popular discussion at least once a day. What sound does... horse... dog... cat.... cow... frog... make?

20. Bring some snow inside! Fill a few Tupperware containers with snow and let them play with spoons and cups.

Good Luck to everyone out there with little ones as this March blizzard blows through town. Stay warm, safe, and busy. My fingers are crossed that all three of mine will take a nap at the same time- sending good nap vibes to you, too!

Please share, what other things are you doing with little ones today?

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