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10 Ways for Women to Stay Fashionable through Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a difficult time for most women, both physically and mentally. There are a lot of changes going on in the body during this time (you do have a human growing inside you), and the hormones also make it an unstable time mentally.

It is not uncommon for women to feel ugly and bloated during pregnancy, the huge stomach contributing to most of these insecurities. But, with a few simple tips, it is very easy for you to stay fashionable even when you don’t feel it!

1. Choose clothes that cover the bump

The main reason for women to feel that they aren’t fashionable or beautiful during pregnancy is the baby bump. Choose clothes that cover the bump and don’t show your shape much to an onlooker. A lot of fashion brands have a maternity line, and you have a wide variety of options to choose from. Maternity shopping is not as boring as it used to be, and wearing such clothes can really help your confidence.

Maternity clothes have really evolved over the years, and you can easily find something that makes you look good while pregnant.

2. Wear sundresses

Sundresses are a good way to stay fashionable while pregnant. They are loose fitting, comfortable, and yet they look good, which can help you increase your confidence and feel sexy as well. They’re a great option for any parties and get-togethers, since you can’t really wear form fitting dresses and heels when pregnant.

This is a really good option for women who want to look good when they’re pregnant.

3. Accessorize

Accessories can make all the difference between a plain look and a fashionable one, even when pregnant. “An earring or necklace can really make all the difference to your ensemble, making you look good when you’re showing,” says Katherine from Vova.

Accessories are most women’s best friends, and they have a right to be, since they require very little time, and make a lot of difference. So invest in necklaces, earrings, scarves, and all the other must have accessories for a varied pregnancy wardrobe.

4. Choose comfort over style for footwear

The body changes a lot during pregnancy, which is expected of course. There’s a baby inside you now! For the duration of your pregnancy, at least for your footwear, choose comfort over style. Sneakers and flats are a pregnant woman’s best friends.

Aching feet are common during pregnancy, and wearing heal and uncomfortable but stylish shoes will aggravate them even more. So compromise on style in this regard, and go for comfort instead.

5. Wear open blazers

This is a trick that Hollywood sitcoms employ to hide pregnancies of actresses when a pregnancy isn’t woven into the plotline. Wearing blazers open hides your profile, and helps you hide the bump.

Use this tip to hide your bump during pregnancy, and stay stylish while doing so. Blazers will never go out of style, at least for work wear.

6. Stretchy yoga pants and sportswear are a must

Although you might not be doing much exercising during pregnancy, yoga pants and sports tops are really important for home wear. They’re stretchy, comfortable, and can be reused even after the pregnancy.

This is more of a comfort tip than one for style, but as you might know, comfort does come before style when you’re pregnant.

7. Follow high profile pregnant celebrities

The life of a celebrity is such that they are never out of the limelight. Huge celebrities, like Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé were pregnant, and looked fabulous during it as well. Check the tabloids and the internet for their dress up styles and their ensembles, and try to incorporate it into your wardrobe.

Celebrities are fashion trendsetters for a reason, and there’s very little sense not following their example for matters such as these.

8. Invest in jackets and coats

This is more for the winter months than the summer, but jackets and coats are a woman’s best friend when they want to look good without showing off their figure. They are stylish, comfortable, and make you look and feel good, so there’s no reason not to get a few of them for the duration of your pregnancy.

And, another huge advantage of these clothes are that you can easily wear them after the pregnancy too, so they aren’t really that bad of an investment.

9. Layers and multi-matching

It’s not wise to buy a lot of clothes during pregnancy, since chances are that you won’t be using them again after the nine months are over, unless you’re planning to get pregnant again soon. So it is important to shop smart and dress smarter when pregnant.

Choose clothes that match easily with other clothes in the wardrobe, and use layers to make a difference to the otherwise plain outfit. Smart dressing will save you money and make you look good at the same time.

10. Confidence is key

All the other tips are secondary to this one. If you feel fashionable, then you are fashionable. Confidence is the biggest help to look fashionable during pregnancy. Don’t get disheartened and feel low because of the baby bump. Remember, it is your child growing inside you, and at the end, it will be worth it.

So be confident in yourself, and you will look good without a doubt. Confidence also helps you not go overboard with shopping and dressing, because it will help you make sensible decisions during this time. Confidence is truly a woman’s best friend, especially during pregnancy.

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