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Challenge: Pregnancy Secrets

Seven Pregnancy Don'ts You Won't Find In A Medical Book

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NYC smells.

I did not realize this until I was expecting.

I worked in Manhattan, lived with my husband in an apartment the size of a box, and was un-phased by the odor given off by my neighbor across the hall, a garbage shoot. If you asked me to identify where the cigarette smoke was coming from in my building’s hallway, I would say, “I don’t smell anything.” If you blindfolded and quizzed me on the restaurants that surrounded my street based on the aromas given off by the delicious dishes they served, I would fail. Despite having no sense of smell, city life was the perfect life, and I was going to raise my family there no matter what . . . until I got a big whiff of the Big Apple, thanks to my raging pregnancy hormones.

I’ve read that due to the increased levels of estrogen a pregnant woman’s sense of smell can be heightened, but never did I imagine it would force me out of my home and off the island entirely. If there is any bit of advice I can pass along to a mom-to-be, it is this: the majority of the time, these overwhelming mood swings, weight issues, nausea, and spikes in your senses aren’t permanent—but it’s hard to not to think it’s forever when you’re experiencing one or all of these symptoms for nine long months. Check out my seven pregnancy “don’ts” that you might regret if you do.

  • Don’t Freak Out: Congratulations, you’re going to be a mom! Enjoy the butterflies, the flutters, and bizarre moments that pregnancy has to offer instead of trying to research the causes and whys. Over time, learn the important rules to follow while carrying, but if you forgot to take your pre-natal vitamin one day or ate a soft piece of cheese that may or may not be pasteurized, don’t assume the worse.
  • Don’t Act Impulsively: As humans, we are filled with a range of emotions. Now that you are pregnant, multiply that by 10. Sometimes you’ll feel great, other times exhausted, even angry. Instead of looking for a quick fix, like treating yourself to a quart of ice cream or buying expensive jewelry (or in my case, going house hunting to make yourself feel better), try to balance yourself before you give in to temporary urges.
  • Don’t Walk Into a Fragrance Department: If you have morning sickness all day long, you’re better off staying away from foods, perfumes, and soaps that make your nostrils flare and your stomach turn. Opt for fragrance-free lotions and detergents until you feel better.
  • Don’t Buy Maternity Clothes Once Your Pregnancy Test Says “Positive”: One of the hardest things to do is act like you are not pregnant when you are so excited to tell everyone-even strangers-that you are expecting. However, don’t get ahead of schedule. Some women start showing as soon as they pee on the stick and others not until they are ready to give birth. Don’t spend money on maternity clothes so early in the pregnancy, because you will only get bigger. Sorry, but that’s the beauty of carrying a baby bump.
  • Don’t Brag About How Great You Feel: It’s wonderful if pregnancy is going better than you even expected. Some women have mentioned that they’ve never felt better than when they were pregnant. For others, that’s not always the case. Don’t let anyone take away your baby bliss, but try not to brag about it either.
  • Don’t Volunteer To Go To A Movie: It’s hard not to want to sit and unwind every time you get a chance, but you should think twice about your bladder before buying a movie ticket. It’s hard not to run to the bathroom in between a two-hour film. However, if you do opt to go, try to get an aisle seat and use the time to work on your Kegels between potty breaks.
  • Don’t Assume What Type Of Parent You Will Be Until You Become One: Strict mom, cool mom, no-yelling mom; it’s very easy to pass judgment on others’ parenting styles until you are presented with the same issues. Don’t make the mistake by labeling your mommy status because you will learn quickly, that just like pregnancy, motherhood is unpredictable.

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