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10 Reason Why Girls Who Workout Are More Successful At Work

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In this busy life, we are constantly made to choose. We are always making a choice among family, friends, relatives, career and our own comforts. This applies to men and women alike.

And, in this life, where girls are regularly making choices and switching between their different roles as wife, mother and employee, more often than not exercise is something that always has to make way for others.

Almost everybody includes workout in their new year or birthday resolution but the fire dies out soon and lots of them end up concluding exercise is something you do when you have too much of spare time.

However, as a young ambitious woman, if you have decided workout to be a luxury, you’re doing it wrong. Below are plenty of reasons that should motivate girls to workout towards having a successful career.

1. They feel good about themselves.

Self-esteem is important on all walks of life and career, is in no way exception to that. Those who don’t put strong belief on themselves, neither can they perform great jobs nor are they trusted by others for responsible matters.

Workout helps girls develop a sense of self-belief and confidence in several ways. They feel good about their body, are in better shape and have a positive frame of mind. They also exhibit a sense of euphoria at having undertaken a challenge.

They may have just started on a new exercise plan and the results may not be much significant to notice. But one doesn’t always need results to be happy. The placebo effect in itself is enough to make them happier.

2. They are physically and mentally strong.

Girls who work out regularly have great strength. This is not only about the aspects of body strength such as improvement in flexibility, higher level of endurance and better stamina level.

They are also mentally strong. Workouts prepare them for challenges. They learn to work hard towards accomplishing their goal. They also learn to push themselves towards a new limit every day.

Physical as well mental, both kinds of strengths are important to be a success at work. Both of these are necessary to overcome challenges at work such as the need to work long hours, travel excessively and work with tight deadlines.

3. They are physically attractive.

This may sound superficial and most of us won’t like to admit it. But the truth is that we are attracted towards things that are beautiful and this applies to human relationships as well.

Girls can become more appealing and charming by performing exercises on a regular basis. Of course, they need to have right attitude and demonstrate good behavior. But good looks surely makes them more likely to be adored by people.

Pretty girls can make lasting impressions more quickly, colleagues and superiors like to work with them and as studies have shown, they have a better chance to get promoted in the organizational ladder as well.

4. They have strong resolve and commitment level.

Everyone might include exercise on their resolution but those who succeed are the ones who stick to their plan. To work out regularly amidst busy schedules, it requires certain level of determination and commitment.

The girls who participate in physical training regularly, they know how to stick to a goal. They know the meaning of struggle and they realize it takes lots of hard work to produce tangible results.

Strong willpower is one of the most valuable character that distinguishes successful people from others. Girls who never refuse to give up have an aura about themselves that sets them inches apart from others.

5. They have reduced level of stress.

Exercises are highly effective tool for stress alleviation. One doesn’t necessarily have to participate in arduous physical tasks to achieve this advantage. Even participating in physical activities for about half an hour a day will immediately reap rewards.

By involving themselves in regular physical trials, girls can become more calm, composed and stress-free. During exercises, the body releases endorphins which boosts the mood as well as lowers the perception of pain.

Life can be too demanding at times and girls have to maintain a balance between all the different facets of their life. And, more often, how they react to a situation affects the outcomes. With reduced stress, they can surely cope with the challenges better.

6. They are highly energetic.

Career puts so many challenges in front of us. With early mornings to wake up, rigorous schedules to keep up to and late nights to work your ass off, there might not even be a time for a respite.

Energy is needed to keep moving in the face of all these challenges and we regularly need to recharge our batteries. The girls who work out often have high energy levels, which helps them cope with all these tests and trials.

With great energy and vigor, physically active girls are able to work continuously at optimal levels, without any wane in their enthusiasm and productivity. There’s no decline in performance even throughout a long day’s work.

7. They are well disciplined.

Regular participation in demanding physical exercises requires a great deal of self-control and discipline. Planning is one thing but executing that plan is an entirely different business.

Girls who have learnt to commit themselves to a challenging task when they could have been taking a rest after hard day’s work can surely be adjudged to have control over themselves and their actions.

Discipline is not about following a set of rules, as we so often understand it to be. It’s actually about understanding what’s best for you and those who depend on you, and acting accordingly with that knowledge. And, girls who work out exactly know how to do that.

8. They have great health.

Physically active girls have superior physical, mental as well as emotional health. They are in great shape, the levels of risk for medical complications are low, stress levels are low and self-confidence is boosted.

There are several reasons behind this. They feel good about their body and the feeling of rising up to a challenge also boosts their confidence. Reduced level of fat lowers the risk for complications such as diabetes and heart attack.

Great health is a major foundation for successful career. There are inspiring stories of people who have succeeded in spite of severe physical ailments. But good health makes it much easier. It’s obviously difficult to move ahead when your body is pulling you back.

9. They sleep better.

Good sleep can be exceedingly elusive for busy folks. While committing yourself to so many different tasks of daily life, it can be very difficult even to get enough time to sleep. As a result, so many people suffer from sleep deprivation.

It’s not about quantity but quality of sleep. Of course, you need to sleep long enough but with regular workouts, girls can improve their quality of sleep significantly. This is because they have lower level of stress, great health and are sufficiently tired.

Having sound sleep helps girls in their career in so many different ways. With good sleep, they have better health, better attention span and mental faculties are also improved overall. All these obviously enhance their productivity at work.

10. They can focus better.

Taking part in work out is a great way to allocate time for yourself. You are all but focusing on training your body while you are involved in that. By involving in physical training program regularly, you significantly enhance your concentration level.

One also needs to maintain the focus while regularly committing to the challenge of workouts. As such, girls can focus much better and improve their attention level if they exercise on a consistent basis.

Focus is a highly valuable asset at work. It helps girls to rise up to the challenges in all sorts of circumstances at work, whether they are a freelancer, working on a company or initiating a new startup.

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