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10 Tips to Get Your Kids to Have Fun while Brushing their Teeth

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It can be a real struggle trying to get your kids to brush their teeth every day. Often, children really don’t like brushing their teeth, and their struggles make it quite difficult to get the job done. It can be such a hassle that some parents actually give up, and this is not a good thing. Dental care and hygiene must begin at an early age, and if they are not brushing, they are at risk for cavities and other dental issues. If your kids don’t like brushing their teeth, here are 10 things you can do to help make it more fun for them.

  • Begin Oral Hygiene Routines Early – The sooner you start taking care of your kids’ teeth, the better, so it is important that you start teaching them oral hygiene routines as soon as possible. You can start when they are babies, wiping their gums with a soft cloth.
  • Teach Toddlers about Oral Hygiene – You can explain to toddlers about how important it is to keep their teeth clean, using simple terms that they will be able to understand. You can also ask your dentist to demonstrate proper tooth-brushing techniques, and explain why it is necessary.
  • Set a Good Example – If you are not brushing your own teeth regularly, your kids aren’t going to see the need for it. So, you need to lead by example. Let them see you brushing your teeth twice each day, and get into the habit of brushing together so they can watch what you are doing.
  • Let them Practice on Others – Turn teeth brushing into fun time by letting your kids play “dentist”. Let them practice on you or other family members, or even their dolls and stuffed animals. As they are doing it, explain to them how to properly brush, and let them have fun while learning.
  • Give them Rewards – You really shouldn’t have to reward your children for doing what they are supposed to do in the first place, but sometimes, it is necessary. Buy stickers, and every time they brush, put one on the calendar. After a week, they can trade in the stickers for something bigger.
  • Make a Game of It – Turn teeth brushing into a game so your kids will have fun brushing their teeth. For instance, you can tell them about “sugar bugs”, and have them be superheroes by killing these creatures. Make sure they know there aren’t real bugs in their mouths.
  • Get them into the Groove – “Everything is more enjoyable when you do it to music, including teeth brushing. Play music while your kids are brushing their teeth, and let them dance while they brush. There are also tooth brushes that play music for a full two minutes for a thorough cleaning,” says a dentist from
  • Let them Do it Themselves – One of the best ways to encourage teeth brushing is to let them do it themselves. Make them feel like big kids by letting themselves clean their own teeth. If they are very young, you can help them along while still letting them do most of the work on their own.
  • Change Your Toothpaste – A lot of toothpastes have strong flavors that smaller kids don’t like. You may need to get a children’s toothpaste that has a milder flavor. Having toothpaste that tastes good will help to encourage kids to brush their teeth regularly.
  • Let Technology Help – There are some pretty cool phone apps that can be used to get your kids into good dental hygiene routines. Some play music for two minutes, and if they brush for the entire time, they get points, just like they do with other games they play.

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