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What Age Can You Leave Your Tween Home Alone?

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After you survive the sleepless nights, toddler tantrums and nap time battles, you feel like you know some things. You have battle scars. You are in the know. Because you are the seasoned mom on the block, you field questions from newbie moms like a boss and on some days, you even think you might just have a handle on this whole mothering thing.

And then, one day, you child enters Tweendom. It's a scary place, fraught with eye rolling, attitude and walking on egg shells. Your child is growing, changing and suddenly, you wake up and realize you are right back where you started: taking care of a child without an instruction manual. Only now, they have facial hair and body odor.

Just like toddlers, Tweens are HARD.

As they approach double digits, you begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel with regards to dreaded babysitting woes: the idea that you might not have to pay a king's ransom to spend an evening out with your spouse becomes very real. The prospect of doing grocery shopping without dragging children behind you becomes very enticing. And, the mere notion of heading out for an hour to go for a run? Well, let's just say the advent of Tweendom can be liberating.

But, what age is appropriate to leave your Tween alone in your home?

Do you leave your Tween with siblings?

Do you pay your Tween to watch younger siblings?

And, finally, at what age do you leave your Tween alone only during the day? When can you leave them alone for a date night?

So, fellow parents, what say you? Do you have Tweens? Can you help me navigate the uncharted waters of raising a Tween?

Basically, I'm asking: when can I leave this house for some peace and quiet and not feel guilty????

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