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The "Miracle" of Breastfeeding

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​Before I had my son I wish that someone would have told me that the miracle of breastfeeding isn't so miraculous for some Moms.  I was so excited to breastfeed my son.  I had read all the books, blogs and articles.  I watched the videos, I talked to other breastfeeding Moms; I had it down pat.  That is until I actually attempted to breastfeed my new little bundle of joy.  My son had trouble latching.  I had trouble trying to figure out how to get that thing into that tiny little mouth.  By the next day my son had lost weight and I already, only 24 hours in, felt like I was letting my son down.  The nurse would help me and it worked then I would try and instead of feeding my son I ended up spraying breast milk all over his little face!  It was time to leave the hospital so they showed us how to pump and feed with a little syringe so he would thrive and told me not to worry, it would happen.  

Well, it never really happened for me and my son.  I tried and tried and over and over I failed.  I felt like a horrible mother for not getting something that was supposed to happen so naturally.  What was supposed to be an amazing bonding time with my baby ended up being frustrating for both him and me.  Within two months I was exclusively pumping and then bottle feeding and within six months we had switched over to formula.  

It was our pediatrician who was there for me when I finally broke down and said I can't do it anymore.  He told me the words I needed to hear that day.  He said, "It's ok.  You are a great Mom and this is just a bump in the road."  I learned from him that day that what I was going through wasn't abnormal and that I wasnt a failure for not being able to do it the way I had envisioned.  He also told me that formula feeding wasn't the evil deed so many make it out to be and that my son will be perfectly healthy no matter which I did.  What was most important was that I was happy.  If I am happy, my son will be happy.  Simple as that

Five years later, I have a rambunctious, healthy, growing, intelligent, happy kindergartener who can now eat like a horse!  So for any moms out there struggling with is OK.  I promise. 😊

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