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Challenge: Summer Fun

Summer Plans vs. Reality

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Summer was here and now gone. What happened? I had high hopes and dreams for an amazing summer, our first since my daughter entered elementary school. Now with both kids getting ready to start back up (1st grade for my girl and pre-k for my little guy) I realized I kind of sucked at summer.

So I wrote down our summer goals and then what actually happened. Now I won't have high expectations next year.

Plan- Continue our education into the summer by visiting the library once a week.
Reality- We visited the library three times. First to check out books and sign up for the summer reading program (yay this is going to be so great!). Second to return books in a hurry on the last day they were due. And the third time to return the overdue book I found under a bed a week later.

Plan- Play outside everyday and go for walks when it's nice.
Reality- Checking the mail probably counts as outdoor time.

Plan- Attend weekly play dates with friends.
Reality- Play the quiet game daily because siblings fight and you can't imagine adding another person's child to the mix.

Plan- Go to the gym every morning so we have the afternoons and evenings as family time.
Reality- On the days we went to the gym, we rushed to get there and it was always because I needed a break from the sibling fights. I should have lost at least 50 pounds this summer.

Plan- Enjoy not having a schedule.
Reality- Signed up for every free VBS and summer camp program possible because no schedule was only fun for the first 2 days.

Plan- Sleep in and snuggle in my bed with cartoons every morning like one big happy family.
Reality- The preschooler decides to wake up at 6:30 everyday because that's when the sun is up. Morning bedtime snuggles consist of getting kicked in the face and endless amounts of whining for chocolate milk.

Plan- Plant a garden and learn where our food comes from.
Reality- Survive on corn dogs and string cheese- the kids think they grow on trees.

Plan- Get back into a tankini by August.
Reality- Still sporting the swim dress.

Plan- Walk to Startbucks once a week after a sweet morning snuggle fest.
Reality- Drive through Startbucks, tires screeching, twice a day to survive even attempting said snuggle fest.

Plan- Enjoy every moment of our summer vacation.
Reality- Count down the days until school starts.

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