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Challenge: Summer Fun

Summer in the Moment

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I love summer. The warmth. The sun. The long days. The water. So many good reasons.

But summer has been ruined. The carefree fun days replaced with a sheet of paper taunting us from it's priority spot on the front of the fridge - the Summer Bucket List.

What brought about the Summer Bucket List? The age of technology and a new form of "keeping up with the Joneses" perhaps? Our obsession with social media and Pinterest? The mommy wars? Another attempt at over scheduling our kids?

Regardless where and how it began, I've fought the band wagon. I've dug in my heels and refused to be sucked into the trap and the stress of "completing" summer.

Toss the bucket list. Toss the stress. Just go, live, and enjoy the summer.

When I think back on my own childhood summers they weren't ruled by a list. They were open, carefree, and fun. I didn't worry about whether we had accomplished anything beyond spending as much time as possible by the pool.

I want that for my family. I want that for my children.

Instead of working to check boxes off a list for 3 months, we live Summer in the Moment. We take a summer adventure as we feel inclined (S'mores for dessert after dinner) or as it's presented (invite from friends to join them for a live music event that night. Let's go!). It's helped us reclaim summer and enjoy it all while still tackling homework with our elementary aged son who is in year round school.

My challenge to you this summer - tear up the list and live in the moment. Enjoy summer again.

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