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Challenge: Summer Fun

Seven steps to encourage kids to eat vegetables

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It’s a well-worn challenge. How do you get the family excited about gobbling up the green stuff? Common wisdom says most children don’t like vegetables… right? Not always!

1. let your children experience different foods and vegetables first hand. Encourage them to play the part, as in letting them wear a little chef coat and hat as they cook vegetables. Children care about eating their own creations.

2. Visual texture matters. A child will often frown away from a particular food that they may have enjoyed, because of the look. The words of a child "It looks gross" may sound all too familiar. Often, if the texture is lovely, they will eat it.

3. Remember, and this is key. When a child refuses the green stuff, let it go… Let it go! If you push they will resist further. Never create food battles of the will.

4. Embrace the muffin. With tricks up your sleeve as well as imagination you can slip veggies right into the muffins. Key ingredients in muffins are often nutrient rich cinnamon, nutmeg, and various spices.

5. Chocolate… give them chocolate, with a mix of fresh sweet potatoes. They will never know.

6. Visit stores like Crate & Barrel and allow them to shop for their own aprons and kitchen accessories. Encouraging them to experience the process instead of just presenting them with the dreaded vegetable. This will make all the difference in the world as well as create positive food memories for them.

7. Model wise food choices. let them see you eating vegetables from day one. Even if they turn away during the early years, they will make healthy food choices when they are grown. I know this from experience.

Mama J

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