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Challenge: Get organized!

Plan and Smile

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Regardless of how organized you try to be in the morning just remember we are dealing with children and adults that may not be "morning humans". In our home preparation starts the night before. We believe in teamwork, which means my wife does some things and I do others to ensure we are all out the door on time. Prior to going to sleep we pick out our clothes and the children's as well. Super Daddy (that's me) gets up at 6am in the morning takes a shower and then wakes up mommy and Sarah. My wife is not a morning person so I get the ball rolling with getting our daughter dressed and making breakfast for everyone (breakfast is sometimes waffles, cereal, fruits, eggs, grilled cheese, or just whip cream because we love that stuff). While I am doing this, my wife is dealing with the boys and getting them ready as well as herself. Then we prepare Sarah's school lunch as well as our lunch (that's where mommy comes in, I'm just the breakfast king, she's the real MVP and Queen of all meals).

The truth is that mornings are insane in mostly every household. The key is to prepare as much the night before and have a plan. It takes us 1 hour and 45 minutes to get out of the home each morning. Calculate how much time it takes to get things done and plan accordingly. In the evening my wife is managing everything for at least 1 hour and 30 minutes until I arrive. She's helping Sarah with her homework, making dinner, caring for the boys I mean she's rocking it until I arrive.

In the midst of planning and organization make sure to give yourself a break. Mistakes happen, learn to smile and laugh. Joy is contagious!

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