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Challenge: Show us your healthier breakfast!

Grama's Blueberry Oatmeal

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Somewhere in parenting, we scored big time. Our son has always been the child to eat (and love!) his fruits and vegetables. Meat was trickier, but overall, he's always been an easy eater.

I found myself struggling at breakfast time though. Especially on days when we all needed to be out the door at a specific time. I wanted something easy, quick, and healthy. As much as he'd love to eat frozen waffles and a banana every day, that isn't going to cut it - especially for an active first grader who needs food that will fuel him for the day ahead.

Thankfully, my mom shared her easy real oatmeal (no packets here) with him when he was about 18 months and it's been a favorite breakfast since.


At 6-1/2 years old now, he knows how to make "Grama's Blueberry Oatmeal" all on his own. It's incredibly easy and takes just 4 ingredients:

  • old fashioned oats,
  • water,
  • ground cinnamon, and
  • frozen blueberries.


Measure out your oats into a microwave safe bowl and double the amount of water. (Ie, for 1/2 cup of oats, add 1 cup of water.) Sprinkle on a bit of cinnamon. Microwave for 1:30 - 2:00 minutes. Stir in frozen blueberries to sweeten and cool. Enjoy!

Don't toss that oatmeal can once it's empty! It's perfect to use for a fun art project with the kids - Shake & Paint.

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