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Challenge: Get organized!

Extra Time To Get Ready!

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I didn't realize how much longer it takes to get out of the door when you have a newborn baby. Now at two years old, or "I'm two alllllmost three" as he'd say with attitude, it takes just as long if not a bit longer to get out the door. After a bit of trial and error, I think I figured out what works, for us at least. So far we're on time every where we go.


My wife and I take turns with who gets ready first, usually me. The other person watches and plays with our very active almost three year old. Then, once the other is showered and dressed, switch! Even though he can pick out his own clothes and get dressed himself (no, not always matching), we STILL don't get him dressed until the very last second. Why? Let's just be honest...toddlers are messy. Spills, stains, "wet" clothes (you know what I mean) all seem to happen when you're rushing to get out the door. If you wait until you're finished getting ready and dress him last you can avoid all that. Not to mention the time it takes to pack up every toy or snack he might need depending on how long we're gone.


What's awesome is staying organized once we get home. Depending on the time of day our son usually falls asleep in the car. We've become ninjas when it comes to the carseat-to-bed transfer that he often times doesn't wake up! We use that time to bring in all the food/snacks and toys we piled in the car on the way out the door. Okay so I'm a little O.C.D.

I'm not sure how this system would work with two kids and maybe one day I'll find out...till then we're managing time successfully with one. So far, so good! Although an hour of extra sleep instead of waking up earlier to get everyone ready would be nice...(winking face emoji).

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