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Challenge: Pregnancy Secrets

Embrace the Final Moments

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Toward the end of my last pregnancy I was repeatedly asked, “aren’t you ready to have this baby here and be over pregnancy?” or something along those lines as people eyed my ever growing belly.

No. No, I wasn't quite ready.


This pregnancy was vastly different than my first. I had insane morning sickness, my hips were sore, I ran to the bathroom more times a day than I could count, and I practically ate antacids as snacks some days due to heartburn.

I wore a belly support band (affiliate) almost nightly during the second half of my pregnancy due to round ligament pain so intense I couldn't roll my beached whale of a self over in bed. Instead having to wake my husband and ask for his help while blinking back tears from the pain.

And, yes, I still wasn't ready for it to be over.

We had the house and preparation pretty much complete. The car seat was installed. The cute little outfits washed and put away. Diapers & wipes stocked.

My husband, son, and I were excited to meet our new little girl and looking forward to her arrival.


But I didn’t want to rush it.

I wanted her to remain where she was - safe, secure, growing - until she reached full term.

I said goodbye to 2 angels before her.

I waited 10 days past my due date with her brother 5 years before. I knew there was a chance I'd be waddling around past my due date again. And that was ok. Because this was it.

My last pregnancy.

I wanted to enjoy every last little moment of feeling her kicks in my belly and, yes, even those painful hiccups!

I wanted to savor the last little bit of knowing exactly where she was, that she was completely safe, secure and had her every need met.

I wanted to enjoy the last little bit of our family being just 3. It was going to change (in a good way), but I wanted to enjoy our family as it was in that moment.

Because life goes by fast.

That baby to be is now a high energy, stubborn, inquisitive, happy toddler of 21 months who probably thinks she's closer to her brother's 7 years than her own upcoming 2nd birthday. I feel like I blinked and went from feeling those kicks in my belly to watching her playing & jumping with her brother.


It's been every bit amazing, challenging, and rewarding as I thought it could be. And, even now, I remind myself enjoy this moment too because tomorrow will be here all too soon.

A version of this post originally appeared on on October 7, 2014.

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