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Challenge: Parent Fails

Dear Baby: I'm Sorry...

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Boy am I glad we're talking about this! I have been achieving new heights in parenting fails for the past three years. I've wracked up so many, they take up a whole book: Dear Baby: I'm Sorry...Apologies for Life's Little Parenting Fails.

It's hard to say what my worst parenting fail is.

Was it when I binge watched Game of Thrones instead of reading that Baby Whisperer book? Or put on Elmo then shut myself in the bathroom to scarf cheddar bunnies and take the "Which Pop Diva Are You" quiz? (Beyonce). Perhaps it was the time I had to pull last night's broccoli out of my baby's neck folds the next morning. Or dropped some Snoop Dogg on her when I ran out of nursery rhymes?

Wait, I know! It was probably when I woke the baby up 30 seconds after leaving her room with the loud, sweet pop of a wine cork. When I fed her dinner at 4:30 so I could trick myself into thinking it was closer to bedtime? (it didn't work). When we were late for her doctor's appointment because I accidentally drove to Target? Or when I had to break the harsh news that no, today is not Christmas, just like it wasn't last week, because it is March.

I've found A LOT of things to apologize for since having my babies! This parenting gig isn't easy so my goal is to laugh as much as possible and revel in the imperfection. For more funny parenting fails, visit Dear Baby XO on Facebook or get the book Dear Baby: I'm Sorry...Apologies for Life's Little Parenting Fails, for the exhausted parent in your life. It will make them feel better. Available on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble throughout the country.

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