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Challenge: Hair Dos and Don’ts

Back to School Hair Do’s and Don’ts

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3aa89992f4c9941a5fad99672426efa1b993b6f3With four sons all in school, the mornings can be crazy and pretty fast and furious. I usually layout everyone’s clothing the night before and pack backpacks/lunches so the mornings aren’t too over-the-top with stuff to do. I will say, my sons have always liked to look good for school, or as they say to me, “handsome.” They love to look handsome. Looking “handsome” has everything to do with the right clothes and the perfect hair for them. When it comes to their hair, each boy has their own distinct style. It always makes me laugh when people tell me that you can’t do much with boys’ hair because we do different styles and have a lot of fun with it in the morning.

First things first, my sons have very thick hair (just like me!) so I’ve always made sure to do the JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TANGLES® hair care 3-step regimen with them in the morning. It’s easier for me to keep it manageable. I just wash it with the JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TANGLES® Shampoo and Conditioner then I add in the JOHNSON’S® Leave-In Conditioner. It’s soft on their hair and eliminates any frizz. When I’m done with that, I’ll style it and then spray with JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TANGLES® Detangling Spray, which I can spray on dry hair to get any little knots or really ANYTHING out!

  • My William loves to have a clean, preppy look. He loves it when I smooth his hair over to the left and make sure it’s very flat in the back. He doesn’t like any fly-away hairs, he likes it very streamlined.
  • My Alex loves a little faux-hawk. We cut his hair a lot during the year because it grows SO FAST, but he always loves it when I create the look of a super cool Mohawk! It’s hilarious because he gets so excited over it. His clothing style mimics his hair too; he’s just a super cool dude!
  • My Benjamin loves it when I spike his bangs up. He really doesn’t like it when I do anything else to it, so I really do keep it very spikey just in front. I always laughed and tell him he looks JUST like his daddy with his hair like that in the front. It’s become Ben’s signature style with his hair. One day this year we didn’t do his hair in the morning and his teacher noticed! That’s how much he loves his hair done!
  • And my Henry. Henry is my youngest son and he LOVES to have “wild” hair. We just let it all go out in different directions. When we get his hair cut, we always get it layered throughout so there’s really not any strand the same length, it makes it easy for me to do a wild style. He is just the cutest thing ever and I love seeing how happy he gets when he heads to the bus stop!

I think all of my guys are handsome for school days, but it makes me even more happy to see them all excited about how “handsome” they look, too.

So my fellow boy moms out there, we can have hair fun, too!

Audrey McClelland is a contributor for JOHNSON’S®, the sponsor of this community, and compensated for travel and attendance at events. Every idea and word written is her own.

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