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Challenge: Romance After Kids

You're your own bucket

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My husband gave me the greatest compliment the other night, though honestly, I don’t even think he realized.

We were having some movie time while the kids were on their Amazon fires in their beds, and I forget why, but we started talking about my husbands ex-girlfriends — nothing crazy just a comment or two.

And I don’t even really recall what exactly we were chatting about or what I asked him that lead to this,

but he said to me

“You're your own bucket.”

Even now…

I’m smiling as I type this.

“You’re your own bucket.”

Damn straight I am.

And thanks to him for reminding me of that and for informing me that it’s the very reason he loves me so very much.


I feel like I’m different.

One of the weird ones.

“Quirky”…’cause that’s how people describe you to be nice and not hurt your feelings.


I feel like an oddball.

A strange duck.

A lost lady.

But the truth is,

I feel like I don’t fit in,

because I don’t

- in the best way possible.

I don’t fit in ‘cause I was born to stand out and born to be loved for it.

And I thank my lucky stars every day that I found an incredible man that loves ME for it.




it’s truly beautiful to be married and head over heels in love with man who

1) values me


2) loves to fill mine.

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