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You're the one that needs to "quiet down," Mama.

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"Please quiet down!"

That's what I bark at my kids more often than I care to admit.

But, if only they could

-- without me exiling them to timeout --

put me in my rightful place

and chime back at me,

"No. You're the one that needs to quiet down, Mama.

Quiet the high expectations you hold for yourself and us. They aren't doing either of us any good.

Quiet down all your criticism -- even the constructive kind -- and let us and you simply be and do in a way that feels natural to each of us.

Quiet the voices inside of your head, the ones telling you that you are "not enough." You are plenty enough and more than we could have ever hoped for in a mother.

Quietly love us sometimes. You love us so loud, and while your intentions are good, sometimes we all prefer to be loved a bit softer.

Quiet the comparison chatter that takes place in your brain whenever we leave our house. That mom is not you, and we want you.

Quietly express your frustrations. Don't yell at us.

Quiet the negative self-talk because we think you're amazing and it's time you start knowing and believing that too.

Just quiet down, mom, and I promise you, that if you quiet down a bit, so will we.

It's a lot easier to





when quiet is modeled for us.

Yes, Mama -- we love you LOUD, too and we don't want to stop the love, just a little bit of the loud.

Let's be less loud about the things that don't matter like



and the things that make us





But, let's keep loving and living loud when and where it counts, like when we say and show "I love you" and when we are having adventures and making memories."

Sounds good, kids.

Sounds like a really great plan.

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