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Challenge: Taking Care of YOU

YOUR health matters, mama

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YOUR health matters, mama.

Your physical health. Your mental health. It matters.

Seems like a pretty obvious statement to make, right?

But I know full well how easily we can let ourselves slip through the cracks.

We’ll eat later. Need to feed the baby now.

We’ll sleep later. Need to clean the house now.

We’ll exercise later. Need to cook dinner now.

We’ll do something for ourselves later. Need to entertain the kids now.

We’re wired as mothers to want to care for our babies first and foremost. To put their needs above our own.

And no, that’s not always wrong. It’s what makes our love so unique, so unconditional, so beautifully selfless.

And yeah, the dishes need washed and the laundry sorted and the dinner cooked.

We can’t let everything fall to the wayside, not all the time.

When we forget that we, also, need nourishment, rest, and a little TLC.

When we say we’ll get to ourselves later.

Because sometimes, when later comes around, we’re depleted.

We’ve spent all of our energy caring for others, and we have nothing left to give ourselves.

We snap. We’re irritable. We’re DONE.

And then, we face the guilt that follows our breakdown.

I know I’m preaching to the choir here. I know prioritizing ourselves is so much easier said than done.

Oh friend, do I know.

But maybe, like me, you need the reminder of just how important YOU are.

So here it is.

Next time you’re feeding the kids, make yourself a plate.

Next time you’re packing the diaper bag with snacks and drinks, throw something in there for you, too.

Next time you just need to catch up on some sleep, choose the nap.

Next time you’re overwhelmed and need a break, say no to something.

Next time you get a chance to sit down, take it.

Next time you need to just take a step back and breathe, do it.

It sounds so simple, but it’s those simple things we tend to neglect in favor of serving those we’d do anything and everything for.

It won’t always look perfect. We won’t always get those moments we so desperately need. But we have to try.

You’re important. Your health is important.

Take care of you.

So you can keep taking care of the ones who call you mama.

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