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Challenge: Bringing Home Baby: What Do You Wish You’d Known?

You Won't Always Feel 'Amazing'

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The moment you find out you are expecting everyone tells you how "Amazing" it is to have a baby and become a parent. You log on to Facebook and see your Girlfriends posting smiling photos with their newborns and posting about how "Amazing" life is.

Well, Facebook posts and photo albums are like a highlight reel. You capture wonderful moments of joy but a lot of life happens between the moments on that highlight reel.

When my first son was a week old I was in the middle of nursing him when I broke down hysterically crying. My Mother in Law and dear friend came over to the rocking chair and held me like her own baby and said something I still remind myself of today, "Everyone feels like this." Finally some brutal honesty. It made me feel so good to know I wasn't alone. To know that although I was crying and feeling so overwhelmed and defeated I was still a good Mom and I still loved my baby more than anything.

Although you will be tested by some of the toughest challenges of your life you will also experience a love you never knew you were capable of.

So capture your highlight reel and when you have a rough day just breath and know you aren't alone and that it is OK to NOT feel "Amazing."

Some of my personal tips:

1. During your 2nd trimester buy a ton of comfortable, very large, and most importantly cheap undies that you can throw out when your baby is 3 months old.

2. Find a Girlfriend that will tell you everything about pregnancy and the experience of giving birth (only if you are the type of person that likes to know what is coming) Most people don't share all the crazy things that are coming your way. Mesh undies and all.

3. You might make a birth plan. Know that most births do not go as planned or expected. For me I found out that not everyone can have an epidural?! Let's just say I was not happy when my doctor told me I was going to have to do it the old fashioned way when I was 7cm along.

4. If someone offers to help say YES and if you really just need time for you and baby be able to say No.

5. If you are going to breastfeed get nipple cream! A lot of nipple cream!




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