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Challenge: Gratitude & Giving

You woke up this morning, but are you awake?

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Good morning, you beautiful mama.

You woke up this morning, but are you awake?

Awake to human blessings that reside under the same walls as you?

Awake to the glorious treasure that is another day and is sure to be an adventure with those adorably charming circus clowns?

I'm awake today because I've made to the decision to stop basing my worth as

a woman,



and human

on how much I cross off my to-do list each day.

I'll cut to the chase and give you the conclusion of my Monday morning mini-epiphany --

If all I ever get right for the rest of my life is loving and being present for my now tiny, but very soon to be grown and fly the coop humans, then I have succeeded.

Even if my house is a fudgin' disaster.

Even if the laundry parks itself on my dining room table from now until eternity.

Even if my kids eat dino nuggets and smiley fries every night for dinner.

Even if I roam this Earth and my neighborhood looking like a disheveled zombie.

I will have still loved my kids with all of the energy I have inside of me and with every flippin' fiber of my being.

And, to me, that's being awake.

That's where the real living happens -- in the presence of the people for whom you're doing it all for.

Hey mama, you woke up this morning, but are you truly awake?

If not, pour yourself another cup of coffee and remind yourself of how it felt when

you knew you had conceived,

you had that positive pregnancy test,

you felt that baby move inside of you,

those contractions began,

and when you birthed that living angel (or angels)

who now share

your home,

occasionally your bed,

and forever, your heart.

It's time to wake up to the fact your kids and the relationship you have with them is all that really matters.

Welcome to today, and embrace and enjoy this newfound or renewed regard for your life, and unwavering sense of thankfulness for those who make it all that it is.

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