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Challenge: Romance After Kids

You will find comfort in the easy silence, but please don’t let it consume you.

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Anyone can get married but not everyone can have a marriage.

Our days today look much different than a few years back.

Little hands and toes don’t fill the gap between us, thankfully they’re a little bigger now and capable of being alone.

Sleepless nights and teething babies don’t have us weary and exhausted, it’s much bigger than that.

The void will grow it you let it, and the gap will become comfortable.

Silence will become your language if you don’t try to make a sound.

You will find comfort in these new ways.

It will become easier to just leave it be.
It will become easier to do your own thing.

You will long for the exhaustion of caring for a newborn; at least you did it together.

This is what life is. A cycle of seasons that will challenge you, that will change you, that will test you, that will try to break you.

The gap will grow much larger and far beyond your babies if you let it, but you must not let the sleepless nights go beyond your union of trust.

You will feel consumed and defeated. Marriage will do that.

But marriage will also give you the best years of your life if you put in the effort.

It won’t always be pretty.
You won’t always be madly in love.
You won’t always agree on everything.
You will struggle to find that spark sometimes, but believe me, it’s always there.
It just needs a little dusting from time to time.

And if silence and solitude are filling the gap between you and your spouse, just make an effort until you can say you’ve exhausted every option. It will be so worth it, trust me.

You will grow and flourish, just as the trees release their leaves, you too need to be accepting of change. Growth is necessary. Growth is beautiful.

Remember, anyone can get married, but not everyone can have a marriage.

Luckily, I’m married to my best friend, and even on our darkest days, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

It’s worth it.

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