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You Only Care About Your Daughters, Not Our Sons - Gender Neutral Bathrooms HELP Special Needs Families

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I'm tired. I'm tired of ignorance. I'm tired of bigotry. I'm tired of people arguing and shoving their opinions down everyone else's throats.

So here's the thing. All these people throwing a fit about gender neutral bathrooms, need to stop.

Stop and LISTEN to what you're saying.

You're all worried about trans people "preying on our daughters in gender neutral bathrooms!"

What about our boys?

You mean to tell me that just because it's a "men's only" bathroom, there's no chance of a pedophile being in there?

If you think that, you need to wake up!

As bathrooms stand right now, I have to send my nine year old, special needs son, into the men's bathroom, ALONE. When I do take him into the ladies room, (because yes, there are times when he struggles with buttons and snaps, and needs help) I get nasty looks, because he's big for his age. He's also at the age where he thinks he needs to use the men's room. But what if he needs help? He's in there, all ALONE. What if there's a predator in there?

Some places now have a "family bathroom," which is great. The problem with this is, it's ONE bathroom, for a family. So if it's occupied, and let me tell you, it usually ALWAYS is, people like me still have to make a choice. Do we take our child in with us? Deal with nasty side glances, and our kids whining because they're "too big for this!" Or do we let our kid go into their "gender" bathroom and worry if they need help. Worse yet, worry they could be touched, or lulled into being kidnapped.

Also, NEWS FLASH, being LGBTQ doesn't make you a criminal. They are human, just like YOU and just like ME. So these people associating this community with being pedophiles is not only homophobic, it's wrong!

I've also read, "well I shouldn't have to explain to my young child about trans people." WAKE UP people. First of all, they will encounter LGBTQ people in their lives at some point. Start teaching them acceptance NOW. Also, if you actually feel that they are too young for that now, it wouldn't kill you to just say, "everyone looks different sweetie," when your child comments on why someone in the restroom looks differently.

Basically this boils down to Civil Rights. Remember learning about the 60's when African Americans had to use separate bathrooms as Caucasians? Well, guess what, that was deemed to be against their civil rights, just like this will be. It's the 21st century people. The world is changing, and this close minded thinking isn't evolving with the rest of us.


So do us all a favor. Learn some acceptance. Teach your children some acceptance. Then we'll all make the world a better place. One kid at a time.

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