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You Love These Moms for Different Reasons

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In the past, a mom was not an interesting topic or person to speak about, but nowadays the trend is that being a mom has nothing to do with being trendy, sophisticated, beautiful, slim, and anything that you can think of, even a musician.

As such it is very interesting to learn about famous moms who you can look up on the internet, and even follow on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, as well as other timeline applications. Here you can look at five moms from the music world to follow and get inspired:

Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani admits to having struggled with balancing her life as a mother and at the same time with the needs of her career, admitting that the experience is a daunting one, and it is that way for all mothers who have a demanding career. It is a daily challenge, and those who follow her will see that for themselves, but she has managed it. Following her sets a great example and some interesting posts.

Judy Garland

Judy Garland is not just a musician and a mother, but she has also managed to get her daughter to like music as much as her. Now, Liza Minnelli – Judy’s daughter is also a musician in her own right. In fact, they have been seen to present duos together and they have both won awards for their work. Be it on any social media site, they make an interesting duo to follow. It's a wonderful thing to have music concerts tickets for their shows and enjoy the moments when the mom and daughter perform live.


As a mom with a thriving career as a musician, Shakira is a favorite with all of us. What is evident is that her career has not suffered because of her motherhood, and neither has she fallen short in her role as a loving mother. Her posts show that it has not been an easy feat but an enjoyable one never the less. She is a musician to follow, and we can also look at how she has managed to pull both tasks together so beautifully.


Pink has not only proved that the equation can be done, but she has also been an advocate for posting about post motherhood body-positivity, breastfeeding, napping, and more issues of being a mother. Her children are part of her life as a singer, and she has made sure that they come first despite being successful and a loved musician. It is obvious what a great mother this musician has been, and her posts show how much her children have shared that part of her life.


Beyoncé has flooded the internet with posts for her family life as well as photos of her children. It is obvious that she has enjoyed being a mother even while keeping her career on track. Following her makes for some interesting posts and follow-ups where you see her daughter later joined by the twins that were the latest addition to the family. Yes, she is a great mother and a wonderful musician to listen to and follow.

It not only makes interesting reading to see that side of a musician’s life, but it also shows us that what we see as symbols of beauty or success are just mums at heart as much as you or me.

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