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You Have To Take It!

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"Mothers have to take their me-time honey! No one is going to just give it to you-not your husband nor your kids. You have to take it!"

Those powerful words were spoken by my mom as I lamented to her about my lack of free-time, me-time, and any other time. I was struggling, exhausted, and desperate for a moment to breathe.

I NEEDED a moment-quite a few of them-ALONE.

I remember as a child, watching my mom and my aunts (on Saturday nights) putting on their "faces" in the bathroom mirror. They were impeccably dressed, giddy, and boasting about the night's impending fun. Oh, how I longed to be like them! What I didn't realize is that in those moments, my mom was taking her me-time.

Luckily, a relative or friend was willing to care for me while mom took her fun by the horns! Then again, maybe luck wasn't involved at all. Sometimes you just have to ask for what you want and need. It's that simple.

Mom taught me that, too.

My mom is a fun woman but of few words unless you're someone dear to her or you make the mistake of angering her. Then, she can turn into a woman of many colorful words! She is experienced and wise, having taught me more lessons than time would ever allow me to share. She continues to teach me that I matter. As the mother and woman of my home, I especially matter; and mom never ceases to remind me that I need to make my needs the most important.

"If the mother-ship sinks, everyone aboard goes down with her." The point is that in order to care for my household, I MUST be in top-notch condition first! Mom has taught me that I must do whatever it takes to maintain my health and sanity. If that means hiring a babysitter, throwing the kids in front of the t.v. with frozen dinners, spending the evening at Wal-Mart alone just to walk around, or hiding in my hamper behind locked doors to enjoy my chocolates then so. be. it.

I pray that my girls grow up to feel as loved, accepted, and understood by me, as I do by my mom. There's no greater joy, nor feeling, than having unconditional love! I pray that I'm able to set examples for them that teach them how to honor themselves and respect others. Most of all, I pray that when my girls have kids of their own, they'll look to the experiences we've shared together and lessons I've taught them.

As sure as I'm breathing, I will continue to instill in my girls what my mom (continues) to instill in me; for she is worthy of such an honor. I hope that I also will someday be.

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