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Challenge: Summer Fun

You could say we’ve wasted our summer “being lazy"

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Besides my new seventh grader, who’s pre/fall novel reading was mandatory, the rest of us didn’t clock a noteworthy amount of minutes with our heads in a book.

And I think we each touched and ate a vegetable maybe only three times this whole summer,

and that’s being generous.

We did do our math logs, because my kids like math, but if I’m being honest, most of the math we did was seeing how much money we could spend in a single summer. Eek.

We didn’t spend our summer

“gettin fit”

and it’s a miracle any of us still fit in our clothes

We stayed up late.

We woke up late.

We were late to practically every engagement we were committed to.

And committed we weren’t, to anything that wasn’t easy or fun.

You could say we’ve wasted our summer “being lazy,”

OR you could pour yourself a hazy (IPA that is) and align with me on the fact that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with lowering your family’s quantifiable productiveness 2.5 months out of the year.

Families who go hard 90% of time are welcome a break.

So break the guilt. You don’t need to forgive yourself; you need to applaud yourself.

Most people stress life. You’ve taken a handful of weeks and let go of life’s stress.

Hellf*ckin Yeah!

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