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You can call 'em kids if you want, but I'm gonna call them SUPERHEROES

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My three kids, ages 10, 7 and 5, received their second COVID vaccine shot today.
Just 9 days shy of my sons 8th birthday.

Only 19 days til Christmas.

624 days in days in the making.

Speaking of making, do you know what my three underage superheroes didn’t do today?

Make a giant fuss over a tiny poke.

A tiny poke that’s eternal impact is larger than they can even fathom at their young age.

Listen, if you’re someone who’s reading my words right now and you think vaccines are worthless and coronavirus is a hoax, stop reading, scrolling, unfollow my page if you feel it necessary and go on your merry way.

I ain’t mad.

That’s your right.

But it’s well within my rights to make sure that my kids and their vaccinated counterparts receive props, praise and whole heaping of acknowledgement, acclaim, and gratitude for their selflessness and bravery.

It doesn’t happen often that youth are presented with serious opportunities to contribute to the greater good on a massive scale.

But here we are, with kids all over the country and the world, stepping up to counter and taking it in the arm so that all people, including those who



or can’t do the same,

are vulnerable to one less sickness spreader.

The idea anyone has that young folk today believe that the world revolves around them is a giant crock.

Children are proving every single day that they know it doesn’t and it’s really fudgin’ impressive.

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