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You are what’s right in this world

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There are so many times I wonder if I’m doing a good job and raising you in a way that is right for you.

And then my heart calms down a bit and I can whisper to my inner-self, “Don’t be silly mama, of course you are...just take a moment to look around.” And when I take a step back and look…

It’s proven in your giggle that you are well loved and happy.

I see it as you hold a door open for someone or lend a hand to anyone who needs to feel your warmth.

The sparkle in your eyes speaks volumes of profound joy and my heart melts as I gaze in your direction.

Your kindness encompasses your being and I watch you pass this on, not only to those you know but to those who need to know you.

When listening to your thoughts, which often take you away to another world, or sharing your dreams, I am mesmerized, knowing deep in my soul you are an empath and someone I yearn to be.

So on the days I may question, or I’m hard on myself, often allowing anxiety to take over, all I truly have to do is look your way and know my best efforts, along my journey of motherhood, are paying off in great measure.

To gaze at you, sweet child, and see kindness, empathy, compassion, strength and love, all wrapped up into one person allows me to rest my questioning heart.

The smile which crosses my face, quietly silences my inner demons and offers me grace.

Grace to love you, for you.
Nothing more.
Nothing less.
Just you.

And you, my child, are a reflection of everything right in this world.

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