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Challenge: Extraordinary Teachers

You are NOT just a Speech Therapist

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Sometimes, just sometimes people should be reminded of how amazing they are.

Not just the typical amazing, the amazing that blows you away and leaves you breathless.

The kind of amazing that molds minds and supports even the littlest growth.

You took my non-verbal child and loved her. You became her person and you were the only one to get her to smile and look at the camera for pictures.

She loved to work for you, and let’s face it, she doesn’t love to work for anybody.

You took a Cochlear kid and taught her analogies, tone, inflection and high school lingo. You cared that she would be able to understand and socially fit in with her peers.

You cared.

You understood that sarcasm doesn’t come naturally to a profoundly deaf child and must be taught, and so many parts of speech can be learned through song lyrics.

Not only did you teach her about language, you taught her so many aspects of life, she now excels.

You took an insecure child and built her up. You inspired her to take classes like Sports Medicine and Business and Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

I want you to understand your perfect mixture of inner beauty, passion, empathy and goals can impact someone more than you can ever imagine.

She was blessed to be your first client.

Your spark and passion for language and life now burns bright in this Cochlear kid.

Your bright smile and positivity always communicated in a language only you and Aspen could understand.

Thank you for being way more than a speech therapist. Thank you for being a leader who has become a true friend.

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