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Challenge: Keeping Your Cool

You ain't the boss. He is.

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It's funny how life sometimes shows you who's boss.

Like how it ain't you.

You think you're going to be early for work today cause you planned and prepped for such, right?

Think again.

Then you hit every red light from your home to your destination and encounter a plethora of slow drivers and get stopped at a train crossing just 'cause.

You think that your young child's evening will be meltdown free because you ensured they were adequately fed, tended to, given tons of attention all day, and had a chance to release their rambunctious energy at a play place?

Think again.

Then you're on the receiving end of a for-no-God-dang reason, exorcism-style, full-blown unexplained tantrum.


You think that you've successfully crafted a useful to-do list for the week and time blocked well and can now tackle the week with little anxiety and confidence in your productiveness.

Think again.

Because then you lost that to-do List when your kid used it to wipe her nose and then trashed it, right before her brother came down with a fever forcing you only to spend your time nursing him back to health.

You see, it's like just when any of us start to think we are in control of things, things that are out of our control begin to occur.

Every gosh darn time.

It's frustrating, but it's beautiful.

It's exhausting but necessary.

For the growth of each of us as humans lies is how we balance life's unpredictability with


a positive and open mind,

and humor.

Goodness knows I enjoy being the boss, but if my thirty-plus years on this Earth has taught me anything, it's that I'm not and that He is, and there's a reason for it all.

Trust in that, as I sure do

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