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Challenge: Bringing Home Baby: What Do You Wish You’d Known?

Yes...You CAN and naturally will love the 2nd child as much as the first!

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​Did I really ask myself this as I carried our baby girl in my tummy? YES! And yes I was almost ashamed that I wondered this. This precious child was coming soon into our lives and I was genuinely concerned. Our little boy of almost 3 was absolutely beautiful, joy filled, smart, inquisitive and loved loved loved life! Our hearts burst for the appreciation of this child. Was my heart big enough to love another as we had loved our first born. And the answer..... from the umpteenth moment of birth, my heart burst with love for our beautiful gift from God, our daughter. 

A "funny" thing happened when I was 3 months pregnant with our daughter. I was working on the Toddler Unit in Indianapolis at the Children's Hospital. It was a particularly challenging day to give each of the 27 toddler patients who were one to three years of age, not only their meds which may have included giving IV chemotherapy, give them care as many were received back from procedures,  surgery and all the "normal" needs and procedures we dealt with 24/7 every day on the Toddler Unit. Our "clients" also required multiple diaper changes, fresh bottles of formula,  grape kool aid, hot dogs and lots and lots of hugs! We were an amazing amazing sisterhood of nurses who recognized a need ,more times then not, before it was ever even voiced. And our little heroes (who humbled us beyond mere words), as they toddled down the hall to the "play room" many in diapers, socks and hospital gowns pushing their IV poles only to spend the next hour with "Jan the Play Lady" spreading shaving cream, paint and whatever all over the tables....escaping the realities of their young lives even for just that one precious hour. On this particular day, I had a child returning from surgery who NEEDED one on one care. Unfortunately, specialty nurses do not grow on trees. To my rescue was my angel( I still refer to her as that 34 years later), a beautiful Irish lass of a nurse who came into our unit to "pitch in". She was nothing short of a Godsend to me to all of us that day. Her name was Kaelen. She was like magic the way she calmly took over the care of my other patients so that I could attend to my fresh post op. In like a lamb...out like a lamb. After that day, I never saw her again...and I never forgot her......So, when my lovely fresh and pink newborn daughter of 9# 4 oz was presented into my welcoming arms, I kissed her tiny forehead and told my beautiful little girl "I love you Kaelen. I'm your mommy and I am so glad you are here." And she and all of our other daughters have been nothing less then loved and appreciated for who they are and their blessing in our lives. Enjoy your beautiful them encourage them and watch them bloom into amazing adults! Peace and Joy!

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