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Yeah, I'm a mom, but it's my husband who should be celebrated

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I know it's Mother's Day this weekend, and while I plan to celebrate the heck out of my own godsend of a mother and the extra one I gained when I got married, I don't really want my husband and the kids to celebrate me.

And, truthfully, I kind of feel like if anyone in my nuclear family should be celebrated this weekend, it should be the man who loves me and the kids so well and works his arse off to support us. The unselfish fella who, after his long as heck days, lets me complain, vent, cry, celebrate, and basically just word vomit every thought in my head and feeling in my heart onto his grace-filled being.

Yeah, I'm a mom,

I've got a trio of kids,

and it sure as hell isn't peaches and cream raising my adorable, chatty gremlins day in and day out.

And, yeah, I've been their stand-in teacher these days too, and that shiitake is taxing.

BUT, so are his responsibilities and pressures, yet he is still there for me all of the time and whenever I need him.

In all, I'm not saying not to celebrate you, the mother, this Mother's Day weekend because Lord knows you are hella worth celebrating.

I'm just proposing that the man you said "I do" too,

way back when,

the one who is still by your side as you blindly ride out this pandemic,

he's worth celebrating also; all days, even on what's supposed to be YOUR day.

To all the fantastic men in the world





building up,

being present for,

and laughing lots with the mother of your children,

you're pretty fudgin' fantastic too,

and I just don't think you have to wait until Father's Day to hear it.

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