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Worry about your baby health? Get the right baby formula

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Woman these days has become more very ambitious about making up her own career and taking care of her family. Taking care of a toddler is an essential job a mother can take up as it is the most crucial stage of the child. Some women are working and sometimes they can’t give up their jobs. The sights of feeding the little one have now changed and such women use baby Formula’s.


These formulas help the working lady to give the best care. Important elements in formula products are:


•NON-GMO ingredients



Breast milk is more nutritious than the formula:

Being a working woman she can use an alternative for feeding her baby but breastfeeding is nutritious and contains a lot of values which prevent diseases in a baby. If some formula company says that their formula is more nutritious than the mother’s milk then it is sure a wrong assumption, nothing can replace the nutritious value of the human milk, be it soya bean or any other complimentary dairy products. These products can only work as substitute

The breast milk is protective and Nutritious:

The little ones which are fed on the infant formula tend to suffer from the various diseases like diarrhoea, various allergies and constipation. Hence the mother should look after the quality standards of the formula she uses, and if she finds any kind of restlessness and weird behaviours of her infant, she should consult a paediatrician who can guide her to use the right and the best formula product.

Different forms of baby formula are:

While choosing the formula, one should always look for the nutritious value it contains. Nowadays the manufacturers of these formulas are trying to reproduce breast milk. These formulas are designed to:

•Provide proteins, other vitamins and acids which are important during the growing stage

•Help maintain the weight of the infant

•Proteins, provided by cow milk products

•Soya based products are given the children who are allergic to the milk products

Some Leading Formula Brands are:

Similar and Enfamil – This is second largest formula manufacturer in the USA

Gerber: The third largest company in the STATES

Nutramigen Ready-to-Use Baby Formula: This is the ideal product for the babies who are allergic to the cow products. These products provide with the values such as DHA AND ARA which are found in the mother’s breast milk

The AAP (AMERICAN ACADEMY OF PEDIATRIC) has drawn the attention of parents to get a surety about the products they choose. It’s better to consult a paediatrician for the best result and avoid uninvited causes.

The formula companies are trying to be as good as a mother’s milk but some or the other ingredients are left out.

Forms of Formula:


•Ready to use

•Liquid form

Here are a few formulae.

Birth to 12 Months:

Name: The Enspire

The Enspire is the product from Enfamil brand under mead Johnson’s company. This product is for the infants under age of 1 year. It provides Milk Fat Globule Membrane (MFGM) and Lactoferrin which are found in the breast milk, it provides various nutritious elements.

Price: $39.98

Name: Gerber Good Start

This formula helps the new-born, avoid gastritis and indigestion, which is caused due to disturbance in their diet. It’s known as being best for the babies who are allergic to any other form of product, as it is rich in providing DHA, prebiotic and probiotic elements to the infants which help in their development.

Price: $ 150 (APPROX)

12 Months to 24 Months

Name: GO & GROW

These products are specially meant for the little ones who can eat and walk on their own. It provides rich proteins and vitamins which help in good eye-sight and development of body and brain.

PRICE $104

Best organic products:

Name: Plum organics

This is the only product in the market which is unique in its way as it does not use any chemicals or syrups, it only uses natural products. It has carbohydrates, lactose and other proteins, which are as same as mother’s milk products

PRICE: $29

Best Soy Product:

Name: Gerber Good Start Soy

This product is given to the babies who are allergic to the dairy products. It helps in proper digestion contains corn maltodextrin. It is rich in providing DHA which helps in better eyesight and development, even though there is an absence of prebiotics or probiotics.

Price: $21.47

Hence, while selecting a formula, the parent should look for the quality, quantity, reviews, ingredients involved and various other factors to make the best parenting experience.

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