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Work from Home? Here's A 1920's Invention You Have to See

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I work from home, and it can be challenging.

When I tell people what I do, they respond, "oh, that must be hard," and that's very true. In fact, the days when the kids are home are really challenging.

My office is downstairs, right next to the bathroom, so distractions and interruptions are constant.

But, what if there was an invention that could fix all of this, and shield me from these unwanted disturbances?

Well, this was the thought that Hugo Gernsback had nearly a century ago, and it inspired him to invent, "The Isolator."

No, "the isolator" is not a salacious product from the "sexual wellness" section of Walgreens, it's more of a... well... you have to see it:


Yes, this was a real invention by a really smart guy. Hugo Gernsback is frequently referred to as "The Father of Science Fiction," and he published a number of scientific magazines including the repected, "Science and Invention."

His hope was that writers and white collar workers would adopt his, "Isolator" helmet to eliminate distraction, and make him wealthy in the process.

the isolator

The "Isolator" invention was obviously a failure, but at least its flop provides working parents with a little humor and some Schadenfreude today.

Personally, I suggest Pandora a pair of headphones, but then again, maybe that's just uninspired.

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