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Why Your Family Should Go On More Vacations

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Something I firmly believe in is the power of being present. Presence allows us to give more to our careers while also being more available for our families, too. But, in the hustle and bustle of the average workweek, it can be challenging to find the presence necessary to give your kids and family what they need. Hence: vacations!

I’m sure we’re all itching to get out of the house and explore the world again post-pandemic, so here are a few more key reasons your family should go on more vacations (you know, in case you needed them).


-They help you to be in the moment.

The nature of a vacation is just that -- to be in the moment! James Dhillon, the founder of Automaters, believes ardently in the power of making your time work for you. We were recently discussing how challenging it can be to be present in our day to day lives. “When we go on a trip or a vacation - no matter how long it’s been - we become more preoccupied with the present-moment than our to-do lists,” he said. “Not only does this help better and strengthen intra-family relationships, but it also creates the energy of presence that is continued whenever we return home.”

Have you ever come back from a long and refreshing vacation and actually felt excited to get back to work? Your level of engagement likely peaked!

-They’re a legitimate excuse to unplug.

Part of what helps vacation goers get into the power of presence is their shut off phones and emails -- if they heed that call. It isn’t called a “vacation autoresponder” in our email settings for nothing! ‘Vacation’ is a boundary that people respect and admire.

However, it’s up to you to unplug - and to know that the more time you spend unplugged, the more you’ll get in quality time with the kids and quality rejuvenation time for yourself. According to Psychology Today, 41 percent of individuals don’t actually unplug on vacations -- they’re still checking their phone and email. What message does that send to your kids?

- These breaks help productivity and creativity.

Finally, the power of presence goes beyond a great time for the whole family -- it boosts everyone’s productivity and creativity levels, too! The author of Positivity, Dr. Barbara Fredrickson, said that positive emotions and presence can lead to out of the box thinking. This benefits your kids in school and you at work. Take advantage of the creative flow by carving out some time to write stories or make art with your kids while on the trip.

Of course, I’m aware many families can’t afford to take many vacations. Remember a getaway can be as small as an overnight road trip or a camping trip -- it’s still a vacation (and still as fun!). What your kids will remember most is not necessarily where you stayed, what you did, or what you saw -- it’s how they felt on the vacation. And they can feel your presence.

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