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Why your Child Influencer Needs an Influencer Marketing Agency

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Inside the Lives of Child Instagram Influencers - The Atlantic

Influencers— they’re everywhere. Whether they’re on TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube, there’s no escaping the power behind influencer marketing. Influencers can command vast amounts of money, both for themselves and for the brands who utilize them. You might associate influencers with young adults. But the fact is that influencers can be in any age group – from senior citizens to children to yes, even toddlers. Child influencers are becoming drastically popular and brands are catching onto this. The concept of children as influencers may seem strange to many, but for marketers, it’s a logical move. There is a multitude of products and services targeted towards children and their parents. Consequently, you would want your brand to market itself towards that group and adjust accordingly.

Why choose an influencer? It’s simple – consumers develop an attachment to faces more so than to passive advertisements. This holds especially true for child influencers. Child influencers are a unique brand of influencers. While many older influencers engage audiences through their social media personality, child influencers are under the direction of their parents. Parents make the aesthetic and financial choices needed to shape the child influencer’s unique “brand” since children cannot do this themselves. Try to remember what you were like when you were a kid. If you got a new toy, did you think about how best to market it? No, of course not. Nothing mattered to you at that point beyond just playing with it. Consequently, while the onus is on children to enjoy a new product, it’s on the parents (and an experienced marketing agency) to get other parents to try them out too.

Accordingly, the appeal of the child influencer often lays in depictions of “everyday” life rather than the adventurous or trendy photographs of adult influencers. Adult influencers attract fans through adventurous photos of bungee jumps, outrageous skits, or product reviews of the latest in vitamin supplements. For child influencers, fans are often attracted by photos or videos of the child simply playing with a new American Girl doll or trying out new clothing accessories with mom. And let’s face it —children are just so much more photogenic (e.g., way cuter) than an adult influencer could ever be.

This depiction of a child’s everyday life and image creates a meaningful and organic connection between a brand and a potential customer base. That connection can be especially important when that customer base is made of parents and their children. Through this unique influencer style, the child influencer both expands a brand’s reach, enables the brand to understand who their customer base is, what their preferences are, and what they’re concerned about – all invaluable information for brand growth and for significantly impacting lead generation. After all, there’s no better way to influence the purchasing decision of parents than by relating to them through children and the experiences of being a parent.

Now again, be mindful that a child influencer and an adult influencer are catering to two drastically different audiences. One is an audience for adults in any variety of activities or using any variety of products. The other is an audience of parents who look for products or services to ease the strains of parenthood, to enhance their children’s lives, or to develop a stronger bond between themselves and their children. As such, navigating the field of child influencers requires the guidance of experts.

If you’re a parent interested in making your child an influencer, then you should consult with an experienced influencer marketing agency. This also applies if you’re a brand seeking a child influencer. What is that exactly? Well as implied in the name, the influencer marketing agency has expertise in working with influencers and matching them with an appropriate brand. Essentially, the influencer marketing agency acts as mediator and coordinator between the child influencer and the brand. However, not all influencer marketing agencies are equal — only a select few of available marketing agencies work specifically with child influencers.

Being a parent is already stressful. And trying to raise your child while being their social media manager is doubly stressful. With an experienced agency like The Influencer Marketing Factory, the process becomes much more manageable. The Influencer Marketing Factory assesses the needs of both the parents managing the child influencer and the brand seeking out child influencers. It will handle contracts and negotiations and assist in forming creative strategies for both the brand and the child influencer, all while being mindful of the specific nuances behind marketing to parents and their children.

A successful marketing campaign is a coordinated one, and an influencer marketing agency is essential for selecting the appropriate child influencer and for achieving the brand’s marketing goals through the influencer’s talents or aesthetics.

So in conclusion, hiring the an agency is more than just a luxury, it's an necessity as a parent to protect your child's best interest.

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