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Challenge: Open Discussion

Why we tell our stories of loss and struggle.

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Why do people talk about loss, grief, change, struggle, pain, growth, and discomfort?

Why do they need to tell such personal stories?

Why do they need to be so open about the difficulties they’ve faced?

Why do they have to group together and join their voices?

Why can’t they just keep that stuff to themselves?

Listen, whichever “they” you’re worried about, the answer is this.

People tell their stories because it pulls back the curtain of shame and pain for others who are experiencing similar things. Those stories are also opportunities to spread understanding and compassion in places previously misunderstood or judged.

Groups come together because somewhere there’s a person who feels isolated in their struggles and they deserve to know they are not alone.

Those in position of influence shine a light on these stories because it’s brave, honorable, and kind to use your power to lift another up.

We talk, tell, share, shine, and join together BECAUSE IT MATTERS.

We use the voices God gave us to speak vulnerable truth in the hopes of building a more supportive, understanding, and loving world where nobody has to feel alone.

That’s why.


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