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Why the KonMari Method Does Not Work for Real Moms

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You probably took the KonMari Method to the depths of motherhood and nailed it out of the park. You probably have drawers upon drawers loaded with perfectly folded onesies lined up in every color. You probably even have your laundry room set up with sparklers for when you feel that joy she talks about as you pull your perfectly coifed cardigan out of the drawer.

Oh come on. Who are we kidding? We're freaking MOMS! All the joy filled moments of tossing out sippy cups from 2010 is not going to happen. There are no sparklers that fall from the ceilings when you pick up the nipple you used to nurse your kid with 10 years ago and toss in the trash.

This whole KonMari craze has me thinking. Do moms REALLY tidy up this way?

No, No we do not and if you seriously say you tidy up the Marie Kondo way? You're either lying or you are that lady the other PTA moms told me about. The one who wears a tennis skirt to drop off and pounces around with your name on your coffee mug.

Lies. They are all lies! I want to sneak in your house and see how tidy you are. Ya know. Open your closets. Rummage through your drawers. You don't mean it. You're just trying to follow the fad. There is no way you found joy in your husbands underwear that lands beside the hamper and not in it!

My dear friend Kori and I decided to put the KonMari method to the test. Thankfully SHE wanted to be the test subject because heaven knows we'd still be lost in the depths of hamper hell if we did it at my house.

To all the mothers feeling the wrath and tug of the KonMari Method? Check out the KonKORI Method for Modernday Motherhood.

We do housecalls if you provide the chocolate. Or the sage. That works too.

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