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Why Parents Need to Keep Their Kids Busy This Summer

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Summer is meant for relaxing and taking time off after a long school year. Kids that have summer off often sleep in late and stay up late at night. But at what point does relaxing and doing nothing become too much?

That depends.

Kids need to remain active during the summer, and parents that keep their kids busy will make the summer memorable for their children. There are a few ways that parents can keep their kids busy:

1. Get Outdoors or Indoors

Start making some memories. This can be done both indoors and outdoors. The memories you forge are going to be long-lasting, but they also don't need to be expensive. A few great options for parents and kids are:

  • Local Library. Bring your kids to a local library. The goal is to get them interested in reading. A lot of libraries are nicely air conditioned and have comfortable seating to enjoy. Some libraries also hold events for locals, so this may be an opportunity to go to the library on a day that you'd normally stay inside.

  • Hiking, biking or walking. Outdoor adventures are always fun. You'll be able to bring your child out for a day of walking, biking or hiking. Local and state parks often offer free options that anyone can take advantage of during the summer. If you're searching for a trail, you'll find is a great resource.

You can go to a beach or lake, or explore a local museum. If you keep your kids in the house all day, you'll find that everything seems to break, from the plumbing to dishes and toys. When kids have nothing to do, they can be destructive. Keep them busy even when you're in the house. Watching movies, solving puzzles or playing games will keep them out of trouble.

2. Bring Out Your Child's Inner Artist

Children aren't encouraged to be artists or musicians like they were in the past. Parents often push their children into a high-paying career, but they also forget that the artistic side of a child can and should be nourished.

Summer is a great time to explore this artistic side.

You can enroll your child in a class that involves:

  • Painting

  • Finger-painting

  • Ice painting

Any form of artistic talent can be nurtured during the summer. Encourage your child to pick up an instrument and practice. It will help them build on their own talents.

3. Summer Camps are Important for Social Development

If you can afford it, summer camp is a great way to get your kid to be active and out of your home. The summer camps around town or out of state are great options. Parents are able to relax, kids are able to have fun and everyone is happy.

Camp can be anything, from a volleyball or soccer camp to a summer camp that includes activities for everyone.

If camp is outside of your budget, look for a local YMCA that can help your child stay active. The "Y" encourages families to stay active, and it is a great way to keep the community together. Even a weekend camp can lead to long-lasting friendships and a fulfilled summer.

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