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Challenge: Follow Your Dreams

Why I started a podcast

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As of June 2021 there are over 2,000,000 podcasts and over 48 million episodes.

Now, as of June 2nd, 2021, 10:00 am pst, another one has been added to the list - the DO WIT podcast.

How it started

A couple of years ago I thought about launching a podcast. Last summer I started taking the idea seriously. I had a teen intern who helped get the process going (shout out Sarina!), but like a lot of things during this last year, the whole thing just kinda stalled.

Then at the beginning of the new year I picked it up again. I did more research, chatted with some teens, and started listening to A LOT of podcasts (any Arm Cherries out there?). I also started posting instagram polls asking teens what they would listen to: 30 min or 60 min episodes? Teen entrepreneurs or adult entrepreneurs? Youtube episodes or no YouTube episodes?

Their responses got me excited and my “why” got clearer.

Out of all those 2,000,000 podcasts, it’s hard to find even one that features an adult entrepreneur interviewing teen entrepreneurs. Yes, there are definitely podcasts with teens interviewing teen entrepreneurs, but finding an adult who devotes the entire time to a teen entrepreneur, well, I just couldn’t find it. (disclaimer - they might exist, I didn’t go through all 2 million)eXvUKkJPQm-JUBThzhw9mquN4z-82vc8VbP72hsqvToc0OEbATpt_I-ANrdUM7vTGFNior_Ss4kB1EXxgIUCdhS-B9LLSD-KBCziF5R0UU-9I6DMMw7Yr5pBOgGz61AX86acC0pb

Why does this matter?

Well, as all entrepreneurs know, getting press and building awareness about your business is really important and also really challenging. Many adult entrepreneurs reach out to me asking for tips on how to get on a podcast, get press or even get a TV segment. The struggle is real for adults, so imagine how hard it is for a teen entrepreneur to get that type of access and support.

It’s really, really hard.

So, DO WIT has been created to help get teen entrepreneurs exposure. The podcast is dedicated to featuring teen entrepreneurs around the world who are “doing whatever it takes” in their life and business. We cover topics ranging from dealing with haters, failed product launches and big wins, to what to do when you experience burnout. So far, every teen I’ve interviewed has shared so honestly and openly that listeners of all ages are guaranteed to be inspired.

And another “why”

To put it bluntly - I'm having fun.

Don’t ask me why I find starting a podcast so fun. I really can’t put my figure on it. I just know that when the headphones go on and I hit record, time flies.

The teens crack me up. They call me out. They inspire me. They teach me. They make me smile … and they even get me choked up. Trust me, you’ll be moved by their stories and their resilience.


I’ve also heard from teen guests that being on the podcast makes them feel “special”, “valued”, “cool”, “important”, “grateful”.

And that feels good, too. It feels good to do what I wish more adults had done for me growing up. I wanted more spaces where I felt heard, valued and taken seriously by adults.

So, I hope you’ll check it out.

I also hope that listening to it not only inspires you to tackle your own entrepreneurial dreams, but that it inspires you to take teen entrepreneurs a little more seriously and to listen to the teens in your life just a little bit more. They’ve definitely got things to say.

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