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Challenge: Stretched Too Thin

Why I Refuse to Be Defined by What’s Left Undone

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It’s the end of the day.

3 1/2 out of 5 tuck-ins complete.

And then I see this at the bottom of the stairs and I’m weary in my bones. Too weary to put it all away.

And I know this will be what is left undone today.

Yes the kids should have taken care of this themselves.

And yes I could teach them a lesson by making them get out of their beds to do it now.

But they didn’t and I won’t.

And so tonight this will remain undone.

Each day there’s something we leave undone here…

Sometimes it’s the lunches for tomorrow.

Sometimes it’s a load of laundry in the washer.

Sometimes it’s a stinky kid we put to bed without giving him a bath.

Sometimes it’s a kitchen that looks like it’s exploded.

Sometimes it’s emptying a backpack.

Sometimes it’s a sea of Legos in the living room.

Because this is parenting. There is quite literally always something to do. Our job is just never, ever done.

And whatever is not done when I reach my end will wait until tomorrow, because I know that the success of my day is not about what I finish.

It’s about what I did.

And today I tended to three sick kids.

And made a million trips up and down the stairs to get new, fresh water and books and lovies.

And made everyone’s favorite dinner.

And listened to stories of days at school.

And helped a kid with insane homework.

And hugged my tallest kid for a super long time.

And laughed with my boys at a silly movie.

And kissed all the foreheads in the house.

Today I loved my people.

So I refuse to be defined by what I don’t get done. Life is just too short to use that as our measuring stick.

{Also I believe God wants me to sit on the couch at night, grateful for what I have done, instead of running around in exhaustion trying to do all the things. He loves me well like that and I’m pretty sure He doesn’t care about shoe piles.}

Because if we have loved our people, and laughed with them, and kissed their foreheads…then we have accomplished the things that matter.

We have lived a glorious day in our lives and no pile of shoes and mayhem at the bottom of the stairs or stacks of dishes in the sink or wads of laundry in the washer mean a thing.

We have done the work God wants us to do. And we can sit on the couch and see that it is good. {Also we can turn on Netflix and pour wine.}




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