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Challenge: It's Good To Be Bad

Why I Love Mondays

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I have a confession. I absolutely love Mondays.

Most people love the weekend. I do like a good weekend, but my days are slightly different. Sundays kind of stink, because I have to get everything ready for the week. They are just busy. Lunch/ grocery shopping. Making sure that all homework is done. Projects are up to date. The house needs to be clean. Or maybe we actually relax as a family, but then we scramble to get everything completed for work or school, before Monday morning.

But Monday. Oh, Monday! How do I love thee...

Mondays are the days when everyone goes to school. My husband is off to work. And that leaves me. At home. Alone. For the whole day. It's just me. Me in an empty house. A quiet house. Where I can sit. No one is calling my name. I make one cup of coffee. And I drink it. Hot. And then I sit down. And I read. In peace and quiet.

Sometimes, I take a nap. Sometimes I watch Netflix and binge a few shows. Some times I even take another nap!

I make myself lunch. Like a really good lunch. Or sometimes I go out to lunch with friends.

It's just that I don't usually get much time to be "off the clock." Sure my husband and I swap, or we hire a sitter to go out. But sometimes, I just want to be, in my own house, alone.

Mondays are my guilty pleasure. I know I have 101 things to do, but oh...doing nothing feels oh, so good...

Until the phone rings...And someone is throwing up at school. And now it's back to reality. See you again next week Monday.

Marisa Langford blogs at Adventures of Tampa Mama, where she talks about her busy life as a Mom of 4.

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