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Why I Don't Hide My Tears From My Kids Anymore

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The one thing I did without realizing it at first, during this pandemic, was normalizing tears.

I don't know about you, but I've been extra teary-eyed during this time.

There have been countless days where I can’t help but get overwhelmed with emotion.

At first, when the tears started to flow, I used to cover them up so my kids wouldn’t see them. I’d go to the bathroom and hide out until the feeling passed. Then, I'd pop back out; my emotions walled off behind a mask of a fake smile.

Now, I don't stifle my tears. I let them flow. All defense washed away down my face.

Because some time in the middle of quarantine, I decided that I wanted my kids to be okay with people not being okay.

I want them to feel comfortable in the face of tears.

I want them to see how much better others feel after, relieved.

I want them to know how to sit and hold someone’s hand and let them feel in the silence.

I want them to acknowledge others hurt and pain and their own without discomfort.

And to let their tears flow instead of holding them back.

Because when people try to numb out, they turn to bad behaviors.

So, I’d rather them cry.

Because crying doesn’t hurt others or themselves.

And it represents that it’s okay not to be okay.

Because it is…

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