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Why I am Starting to Teach My Daughter Now: The Kindergarten Toolkit Rocks

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Though I haven’t decided whether or not to homeschool my three-year-old, I am grateful for the opportunity to lay an academic foundation for her. Reading, writing, and arithmetic first starts with recognizing letters, numbers, and shapes.

I recently purchased a great toolkit that has changed how I teach at home. There are five reasons why our new Kindergarten Toolkit rocks:

  • A teacher created it. As a former educator, I have high standards for educational materials, specifically at the early childhood level. The creator Carrie Ball is also a former teacher. Though parents often have the best intentions, there are certain aspects of the educational experience that only professional teachers understand. The fact that a teacher created the Kindergarten Toolkit makes it a tested tool.
  • It comes with an instruction manual. A crisp, clear and deliberate instruction manual is always beneficial.
  • It is simple. Though there are teaching strategies such as assessment, differentiating instruction, and detailed curriculum planning, the creator of the Kindergarten toolkit makes it simple to follow and reuse. The simplicity of the kit also allows for you to add to the instruction but still meet the objectives outlined in the toolkit. 0682aa49fd3514c1a48eac78e3a721120e50afc7.jpg
  • It is great before Kindergarten. Though it is called the Kindergarten Toolkit, using it before children attend school is ideal. Its benchmarks detailed in the manual help you to measure your child’s progress.
  • It is neat and professional. From the packaging to the cards, the Kindergarten Toolkit is professional and neat. The flashcards and manual are crisp and made well. It is just as good or better than what can be purchased in a store.

Teaching your children at the early childhood level is challenging, but if mastered, it can create a foundation that will last a lifetime. You can purchase this awesome toolkit here.

Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.

George Washington Carver

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