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Why Grown-Ups Should Support Teen Entrepreneurs

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It's time to shift our focus and shine the spotlight on – teen entrepreneurs. According to a report by Junior Achievement 3 in 5 American teens (60%) would be more interested in starting their own business than having a traditional job. At WIT we see firsthand that this reality! Young innovators are breaking molds, bringing fresh ideas to the table, and bringing new life to the entrepreneurial scene. So, why should grown-ups take them seriously? Let's break it down.


Fresh Ideas
Teens aren't bogged down by years of corporate baggage. Nope, they're approaching things with a fresh set of eyes. They also don’t have the same fears as adults … they can take greater risks and not worry that it might mean they can’t pay the mortgage. In my experience at WIT - Whatever It Takes, working with teen entrepreneurs means tapping into a well of creativity! It’s one of the reasons we hire teen interns - they are more “in the know” and they have great ideas! One of WIT Interns and entrepreneurs Natalie Robinson agrees, “Adults should take teen entrepreneurs seriously since we often bring fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and are more in touch with the current culture.” By backing teen entrepreneurs, we're opening doors to diverse ways of thinking. That diversity is a powerhouse for innovation and success.

Tech Wizards
Many teens practically grew up with smartphones in hand - a whopping 95% of teens have access to a smartphone, according to Pew Research Center (is this a good thing? - more on that in an upcoming article). They speak fluent tech, and that's a language that’s invaluable in today's digital jungle. So, by embracing teen entrepreneurs, adults can get a crash course in staying ahead in the game, tech-wise. They are also using that tech knowledge for good! I’ve seen many apps created by teens who are committed to giving back and making a difference.

Education That Counts
As a former teacher, I have a lot of opinions about the current state of education, and what I know for sure is that there is a gap in “real world” learning and skill development. According to a study by Gallup, 87% of students say they want real-world, hands-on learning opportunities.Supporting teen entrepreneurs isn’t just about their personal growth – it's a win for education too. Teen entrepreneurs are developing practical skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving – all the good stuff that makes for successful adults. They also get to develop emotional intelligence - especially their empathy!

Teen entrepreneurs aren't just the future – they're the now. By taking them seriously, mentoring them, and giving them room to grow, we're not just investing in their success; we're paving the way for a business world that's dynamic, diverse, and exciting!. So, ditch the age bias and jump on the teen entrepreneur bandwagon.

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