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Why Creating a Quarantine Home "Schedule" is Necessary

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By now, we have all seen a plethora of tips and tricks to WFHWK (work from home with kids). And they are helpful – like dedicating mornings to story time, having afternoon picnics in the living room, and turning bath-time into ocean adventures – basically, making a big deal out of routine things so our kids won’t climb on top of us (as much) when they see us working on our phones and laptops.

I like to break down my day as simply as possible, telling myself (and even writing them down if I think I’ll forget) what the non-negotiables for the day are in the realm of work, play and sanity-saving graces.

These days, those non-negotiables look vastly different than they did a week ago. My quarantine daily non-negotiables include:

  1. Working out – I’m finding this most effective in the afternoon – after my two cups of Nespresso, and after I have successfully completed one or two writing tasks. That way, I feel like I deserve a sweat break. PS I do two rounds of this particular workout, but have also been dabbling in at-home Pinterest workouts.
  2. Going outside – Rain, hail, or sunshine, I am breaking out of the confines of my house, if for only 20 minutes. Now that I live near coastal towns, Ive been taking my 4-year-old to surrounding beaches. This way, I get 30 minutes of jamming out in my car on the way there, quality time spent in nature with my hellion, and 30 minutes of a podcast on the way back home. I take walks around my neighborhood, bring Cy to the baseball field, and play whatever sport he wants to play in the front yard. The day is a constant rotation of baseball, golf, hockey, basketball, repeat.
  3. FaceTiming a friend or family member – We are all in virtual hell, and we need to find the light in the darkness. Just 10 minutes of FaceTime with someone will give you the energy you need to carry out your remaining work tasks. And it will make you feel happy.
  4. Cooking dinner – Gone is the rush of getting food on the table, and here for the time being is enjoying the art of cooking. I start cooking dinner around 4 pm, lighting candles, playing music, and taking my sweet time experimenting with different spices and dishes. Yesterday, I had a fruit bowl in the refrigerator (cut up apples, bananas and pears) and instead of serving that soggy mess as is, I put the fruit on a sheet pan with olive oil and brown sugar, put it in the oven, and out came a delicious dessert.
  5. Having virtual happy hour with a friend/coworker – Similar to the FaceTime break, but with a glass of wine, or “quarantini.” This might not happen every day, but I’m very supportive of the concept.
  6. Read books – Right now, I’m reading The Friend Zone by Abby Jimenez and am loving it. I start reading around 7 pm while Jake and Cy watch a movie, and I put it down when I’m ready to go to sleep.

Happy quarantine-ing! Let me know what you feel like reading next.




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