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Challenge: Summer Fun

​Who Says You Can't Learn In The Summer?

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For those naysayers who say the summer is for lounging sloths, I say it is for learning.

1. When you chop a snake with a shovel, the middle part is still alive and wiggly; humans are not likely to do this as they are mammals.
2. According to my 6 year old daughter,you're not supposed to call people Indians anymore; you're supposed to call them Native Americans unless they're from Brazil.
3. It's cheaper to get two 10-piece nuggets than one 20-piece.
4. Sage smells like a rotten hot dog or someone's feet.
5. Ghost crab hunting requires two nets, two lights, and one bucket. Always wear shoes.That is all.
6. Movies from Red Box can be returned to any Red Box and it is not our problem how the movies find their way home.
7. Four of six people have had the stomach bug; two to go; what is the percentage remaining?
8. We have eleven cousins coming for dinner; how many pizzas should we order?
9. The tide changes every six hours; how many times is low tide a day?
10. When someone poops in a pool, it is referred to as a "brown out." Always where goggles to save your corneas from the post chlorine dump.

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