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Who knew...

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Who knew your delicate hands would fit so perfectly within mine?

Who knew your eyes would gaze up at me, causing my heart to soften, in the wee hours of the night, as I rocked you back and forth to sleep?

Who knew your sweet smell could capture all of my senses and provide memories to last a lifetime?

You knew, sweet child.
You knew all along.

You knew, before you chose me, our giggles would cause us to squeal in delight over the little things.

You knew, before you chose me, we would hold onto one another, hearts beating in sync, in the early morning snuggled in bed.

You knew, before you chose me, our love would be profound. A love breaking through boundaries and daring each day to love a little more each day.

You knew, sweet child.

Thank you for believing I could love you, how you needed to be loved.

Thank you for trusting I would protect you with every fiber of my being.

Thank you for taking the chance I was not going to fail at being your mom.

Most importantly, thank you for loving me.

You knew, sweet child.

You knew we would be a daily gift and blessing to each other along our journey.

You knew...
and what a gift you have given to me.

You knew, sweet child.

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