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Who Else is Over Social Media Politics and the 5 Types of "Friends" Who Can't Stop Pushing It?

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Social Media Politics has become a communal sport. A loud, messy free for all that is forced on you vociferously whether you want to participate or not.

We all have those friends who can't stop pushing social media politics. I am constantly bombarded with unsolicited Facebook messages containing endless political propaganda. It gets worse as we get closer to the election and I am not pleased. After finally expressing my displeasure to a serial bombarder I was "mansplained" on why I need to vote the way this dude "thinks" I should... Not happening! I stopped him right there because I take my right to vote seriously.

The "mansplainer" made me think about why people need to stop ruining social media with their personal politics. This is specifically dedicated to all those overly passionate "Mansplainers" and "Karens" who live to offend everyone in their social media path.

5 Types of "Friends" Who Can't Stop Pushing Social Media Politics:

  • Friends Who Think Its Still High School

The bullies are rampant. Facebook turns into high school every election cycle. Every time I see someone disparaging a "friend" because of the party he/she supports I make a mental note of how much respect I've lost for the ranter. It's easy to bully while hidden behind a computer isn't it? You should be really proud of yourself for creatively pressing send on the fake conspiracy theory videos buddy! And by the way thanks for reverting me into a judgy teen because I'm totally sitting there mocking you. Thanks a lot.

  • The Vote "My Way" Or I'm Cleaning House Gal:

It seems I have the right to vote but only if I abide by the rules of "The Facebook Collective." Certain "friends" feel the need to preach about Life, Liberty, Justice and the American way. "Karen" gets to tell me how I should vote while constantly flooding me with her "totally real facts." Chose the wrong side and we'll all be commies! Go the other way and its the end of days! Let's forget about the fact that you are trouncing on my right to make my own decisions. I guess you are the exception to the rules you are constantly SHOUTING in CAPS about. "Karen" threatens to clean house and block anyone who doesn't conform every few weeks but darn it somehow we are all still here.

  • The Guy Who Just Can't Move Along:

Why can't you just move along? I see posts I don't agree with every day on people's pages. I roll my eyes and move along. Post what you want, vote how you want....just keep it on your page lurker and keep scrolling past mine. I can live without your condescending post with the little "LOL Still Love Ya" tacked on to the end. No you don't, you only love yourself. Now please move it along because someone else needs political schooling and it ain't me.

  • The Great Social Media Defender:

This will surprise you, but you don't have to comment on every post you see. I know you think you are the great defender of your chosen political party but If I am posting photos of my dog, please don't say she looks like Nancy Pelosi or Melania Trump. Stop trolling and trying to turn every post into political theater. You do enough of that on your own page which leads me to...

  • Those Who Live On Facebook:

We get it you love your favorite candidate. You fashion yourself the great defender of "the party". Do you have to post about it every three minutes? Don't you have a favorite dinner you'd like to show us or how about a photo of your cat? You mock the opposite party as a bunch of losers but you are the one sitting on Facebook all day long. Just sayin' ...but don't worry I still love ya lol!

If you want to talk politics, come visit face to face (after Covid is gone because I'm wearing a that even allowed in your rules?) Important conversations are not meant to be had on Facebook based on 3 snarky little snippets of half assed facts that you saw on another "friend's" page. It's time to open up the dialogue in a meaningful way and move past the political theatrics.

You can register to vote for whichever party YOU decide to vote for --> HERE<--

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